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Yiwu Forest Fair

Yiwu Forest Fair

Yiwu Forest products Fair is held from November 1 to June 4 annually.

Yiwu Forest products Fair has attracted about 615 enterprises from 18 provinces and regions such as Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Hebei, Jiangxi, Shanghai and Hong Kong.


Hall 4: Decoration craft, Garment & Shoes & Hat, Household & Home textile Hall 5: Brand pavilion Hall 6: Houseware Bamboo crafts Woodcarvings , Wooden engravings, Bamboo plaiting articles, Bamboo carvings, Bamboo engravings, Gift boxes, All kinds of decoration products

Bamboo wood toys

Children’s toys,

Adult toys,

Intelligence toys,

Didactical dolls,

Chess toys,

Christmas products

Bamboo wood commodities

Kitchen supplies, Dinnerware,

Sanitary appliances,

Household articles,

Cultural articles,

Sports equipments

Bamboo charcoal products

Original charcoal,

Charcoal packs,

Bamboo charcoal cushions,

Bamboo charcoal household products & bamboo vinegar processed products

Bamboo furniture Tables, Chairs,

Traditional furniture such as wardrobes,

Wooden doors, Window, Staircases,

Armrests, Molding & construction decoration components

Yiwu forest products fair

Bamboo wood floors Solid woods, Composite class, Strengthened floors and other related products Bamboo artificial boards Bamboo artificial boards, Decorative boards, Laminated wood boards, Medium and high density fiberboards, Composite wood etc. Flower & gardening Include flower & garden supplies Forest foods Bamboo shoot products, Dried fruits precessed products, Wild forest vegetables, Edible fungi, Edible forest products such as woody oil & starches Bamboo wood-working machinery Woodworking machinery, Bamboo working machinery, Forestry machinery etc. Others Bamboo fiber products, Domesticated and breeded wild animal’s processed products, Chinese medicinal materials

The 24th Yiwu Fair
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Yiwu Fair is the third largest commodities fair in China
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