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Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ-Products Information:

Q1: How do I place an order?
Q2: What is the minimum quantity to order with you ?
Q3: How much time you need to ship the ordered items ?
Q4: What are your payment terms and payment receiving methods?
Q5: How do I check the status of my order?
Q6: Top reasons for order delays?
Q7: Can you help us to make customized pearls accessories ?

FAQ-General Questions:

Q1: How do I contact customer support?
Q2: Do you have a catalog and Price list?
Q3: Can I get the Free Sample Before Order?
Q4: How much can I depend on your packaging procedures?
Q5: What are your shipping procedures?
Q6: What are the shipping charges?
Q7: Do I need to pay any other charges than the cost of items and shipping?

One-Stop Buying Agency Services:

Airport pick-up service (upon request)
Hotel reservation (upon request)
Purchase accompany
Quality control
Transportation (inland)
Factory visit (upon request)
Container loading
Customs clearance
Inspection and quarantine
Arranging shipping and document making.

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