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Yiwu Fair is the third largest commodities fair in China

Yiwu Fair is the third largest commodities fair in China

Yiwu Fair, the top3 trade show in China, the largest fair on Daily Consumer Goods (General Merchandise, Small Commodities, Articles of Daily Use, Daily Household Necessities, Small Household Articles, Various Household Supplies, Groceries, Consumer Products ) will be held in October. Yiwu Fair alias China Yiwu International Commodities Fair

Date: 21-25 October, every year (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, etc.)
Venue: Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center
Exhibits of Yiwu Fair:

Stationery & Office Supplies, Sports Goods, Toys, Knitting Accessories, Garment, Footwear & Headwear, Arts & Crafts, Gifts, Decorations, Home Appliances, Cosmetics & Beauty-care Products, Cases & Bags, Hardware & Machinery, Electronic & Electrical Appliances, Trade Services etc.

Brief Introduction of Yiwu Fair:

Yiwu Fair is the largest daily commodities fair on scale. During the Yiwu Fair, activities such as International Market Seminar and purchase-matching Meeting for Multinational Retailing Groups will be held to provide more valuable information and abundant business opportunities to the visitors. The Yiwu Fair is attended by around 120,000 visitors. An estimated 3,500 companies will be exhibiting 2013 Yiwu Fair, occupying over 5,000 booths in a floor space of 90,000sqm. Yiwu Fair has been held for 15 successive years since 1995. It is held in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province in October every year. In 2002, it was upgraded as an international commodities fair. Since then, the event has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and other relevant authorities. The Yiwu Fair, as a highly internationalized and informative event with excellent services and security, has become one of the largest, most influential and most productive commodities fairs in China. It has become the third largest exhibition sponsored by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, ranking only next to the China Import and Export Fair in Guangzhou(Canton Fair) and the East China Fair in Shanghai. Yiwu Fair was honored as China’s Best Managed Exhibition in 2005, one of the 2006 Top Ten Exhibitions in China, China’s Best-outcome Exhibition in 2006, and the 2007 Top Quality Exhibition in Yangtze River Delta in China.

Yiwu Fair was firstly held in 1995. It was upgraded as an international commodities fair in 2002. Since then, the event has been jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and other relevant authorities.

Facts of Yiwu Fair:

Exhibition Area: 100,000 square meters Exhibition Booths of International Standard: 4,500 Exhibitors: More than 2,500 Professional Traders: 120,000 Overseas Traders: 19,000 Overseas Trading Groups: 80

Organizers of Yiwu Fair:

Ministry of commerce of the People’s Republic of China People’s Government of Zhejiang Province China Council for the Promotion of International Trade China National Light Industrial Council China General Chamber of Commerce

Co-organizers of Yiwu Fair:

State Administration for Industry and Commerce All China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hong Kong Trade Development Council Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency

Sponsors of Yiwu Fair:

Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Zhejiang Province People’s Government of Yiwu City

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Yiwu Fair The third largest commodities fair in China:


During yiwu fair time, it’ll be extremely difficult to book a hotel room in yiwu. Visitors are urged to make reservations at least one month in advance.

1.“CHINA YIWU INTERNATIONAL COMMODITIES FAIR” or Yiwu Fair is the 2nd largest export exhibition in China, only next to the Canton Fair Asia’s and World’s leading consumer goods trade show


3.China Yiwu International Commodites Fair( Yiwu Fair )

Started in 1995,has been held for ten sessions continuously.In 2002,China Yiwu International Commodities Fair was upgraded as an international commodities fair and was sponsored by ministry of commerce PRC, and the people’s government of Zhejiang province etc.

Due to its distinct features, prominent internationalization, convenient information access, perfect services system as well as sound security and sanitation,Yiwu Fair ranks No.3 of China. 2006 Yiwu fair will be held at China Commodity City Exhibition Center, in Yiwu, Zhejiang Province from October 22nd to 26th,2007.

If you want to know more details, please visit the Yiwu fair. Yiwu trade shows

Praised as an economic mythology of regional exhibition, China Yiwu International Commodities Fair came from China National Commodities Fair in 2001. Rely on the advantage of the largest market in China, China Yiwu int’l Commodities Fair raises its foreign orientation and commerce extent rapidly and becomes the third largest exhibition with foreign orientation after Canton Fair and East China Fair in the country. The trade volume of 2003 china Yiwu Int’l commodities fair reached 6.22 billion Yuan, including 446 million USD of foreign trade, an increase of 21.9% and 17% of the last year respectively.

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