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Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market

Yiwu Suitcases & Bags Market
Welcome to Yiwu Suitcases and Bags Market!
There are over 2,500 shops and more than 100 factory outlets in Yiwu Suitcase and bags market.

Locations: 1st Floor and 4th Floor, District2, International Trade City.

Opening hours: 7×365, except a 15-day-closedown during Spring Festival.

Yiwu Suitcases and Bags Market is one of the largest markets in Yiwu, China. Over 2,500 shops sit on the first floor of district II of Yiwu International Trade City. More than 100 factory outlets for bags and suitcases are also located on 4th floor in the same section.

It is certain that the varieties of the bags and cases are beyond human beings’ imagination. Lady’s handbags, kid’s school bags and pulling cases, cosmetic cases, messenger bags and shopping bags are just part of it. For me, the words are no meaningful to count how many kinds of bags and cases in the market. Totally, it is Countless!

Why not come here and have a look?

It is a great chance to find: cosmetic case business opportunities. back to the bags and cases!

The brands have a wild range from premium brands, world-known brands, top Chinese brands, to local top brand and developing brand with huge potential.

Most suppliers specialize in the industry of bags and cases from Wenzhou in Zhejiang province, Guangzhou in Guangdong province, Baigou in Hebei province, Shaodong in Hunan province.

About 75 % of the suppliers are factory-direct sale offices.

As Yiwu International Trade City offers suppliers a stage to show their competitiveness and do business with foreigners, they believe that Yiwu International City is the most proper market to display the lastest products with new designs and reasonable price.

It is believed that the market is the paradise for the buyers from throughout the world.

Even though vendors have no difficulties to quote you a price through a calculator, you have to waste a lots time to know the market, waste energy and would accept bad services from some vendors with mistakes. So why not hire a guide, not just a guide all time but also an interpreter. To a huge degree, you can avoid all the mistakes from you and the vendors.

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