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Shopping in Yiwu

Shopping in Yiwu
As a shopping center in deed, Yiwu looks like a huge mart. Nothing you can’t find here, from A to Z. And you’ll find some of the World’s most unique shopping experiences in the city.

Now we introduce some famous and flourishing shopping place to make sure you will have a convenient and fast traveling in Yiwu city.

Sales & Discounts

Yiwu International Trade City Shopping Mall Yiwu International Trade City Shopping Mall is one of the most famous landmarks building in Yiwu. The commercial districts are well known all over the world and become a magnet for all Chinese and foreign tourists.

The price of goods there is unbelievable cheap, but most stores aren’t for retail. If you want to go shopping, you should choose Yiwu Tourism Shopping Center which contains more than 10000 types of commodities, with rich varieties and reasonable prices.

Address: 2nd District, Yiwu International Trade Mart

Transportation: Bus No.1/11/121/365 Century Underground Mall You can find cheap but excellent goods there. The dividing of different goods is helpful and quite convenient for your shopping.

Address: Underground of Xiuhu Square in front of City Building Yiwu night market

The special management of the first-class professional cultural goods and all kinds of Stationery. You can buy CD/DVD there.

Address: Santing Street

Tips: You can dicker with the shopkeeper above-mentioned! But the price of following places is fixed.The night market start at 6:00 PM and end at 4:00 AM.

Shopping Malls

If you have a afternoon or night just for shopping、leisure and entertainment, you will have a glorious time at those place. Intime Shopping Mall Address: No. 15, West Gongren Road, Yiwu Yiwu Jiebai Shopping Center Address: No. 111, Chengzhong Road, Yiwu

Tiancheng Shopping Mall Address: No. 113, West Gongren Road, Yiwu Binjiang International Shopping Center Characteristic: You can find some luxury products there.

Address: The crossroad of Jiangbin North Road and Zongze Avenue Yiwu Commercial and Trade District It is considered as “Avenue des Champs-Elysées ” of Yiwu, provide accommodation, entertainment, leisure and shopping etc.


If you want to buy some daily consumer goods, supermarket is your best choice. There are there supermarkets in Yiwu. Except these supermarkets, small convenience stores can be found everywhere. Tesco Address: Beiyuan Business District Trust-Mart Address:Century Underground Mall under Xiuhu Square

Dining in Yiwu
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