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Dining in Yiwu

Dining in Yiwu

Yiwu has a wide range of restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) to offer; foods can be tasted from every country around the globe,such as Chinese food,Western food and Middle Eastern food etc..

Below features a vairiety of the very best restaurants(Coffee shop & Teahouse) in Yiwu.

Chinese foods

Wow, there are thousands of Chinese restaurants,I’ve no idea to recommand you which one. Walk down the street in Yiwu,you never miss a Chinese restaurants.

Middle Eastern foods

There are more than 100 Middle eastern Restaurants in Yiwu and most of them at the Binwang District.

Western foods

Best Western Restaurant:

Guangxini Restaurant

Features:Desserts,Coffee,Grills,All kinds of barbecue

ADD:No.118,7 street,Binwang district,Yiwu

Best Music Restaurant

Yiwu 31 Music Restaurant

ADD:No.220,Binwang RD.,Yiwu

best Bar Restaurant:

Tekelai Mexico Restaurant

Features: Beet tacos,Beet tajitas,Beet burritos

ADD:2F,No.8, Building 6,Futian business center,Yiwu

For most star-rate hotels have its own Western Restaurant, never worry about your dining in Yiwu.

Korean Cuisine & Japanese Cuisine

Mingyue Japanese Cuisine

ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

Ruiri Japanese Cuisine

ADD:No.9, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

There are more than 100 Korean Cuisines in Yiwu, its impossible to list all. If you do need a authentic Korean Cuisines,just leave a message,I’ll reply you in a moment.

Coffee & Teahouse

Starbudks Coffee

ADD:No.2, North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

Lafang Restaurant

ADD:No.201,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu Other Coffee shop (More than one branch): CITE COFFEE,Cross-strait Coffee,B Shore Coffee,U.N.D.C. Coffee,Ucc coffee,Paris Coffee Restaurant

Fast foods

KFC(more than 10 branchs),McDonald’s(2 Branchs)


Papa john’s pizza

ADD:No.160,North Gongren RD.,Yiwu

Pizza Hut

ADD:No.88,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu

Jamo pizza

ADD: -1F,Century Mall,Chenzhong RD.,Yiwu

ADD:No.311,Huagong RD.

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