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Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair

Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair

Started in 2006, Yiwu Tourism Commodities Fair is held from June 24 to June 27 annually.

With the rapid development, tourism industry has become one of the leading industries to develop social economy, and its status and functions are becoming more and more outstanding in the development of social economy, tourism industry plays an active role in pushing regional economy development and industry enhancement, driving as well the research and development of tourism commodity. Tourism industry has a profound significance for exchange of tourism culture and upgrade of merchandise trade.

As a province with strong tourism economy in whole country, Zhejiang Province has its own highly favorable conditions for tourism resources and market advantage. In recent years, through rapid development of tourism industry and sustainable innovation of tourism industry structure, Zhejiang has made itself in the leading position to push actively itself to develop for diversification, internationalization and information, as well as the research and development of tourism commodity and expedite international process. In future it shall make a good job to host China International Tourism Commodity Exposition jointly under the guide of National Tourism Bureau, and make each effort to offer coordinating development for exhibition tourism and shopping tourism.

Yiwu is entitled to be the permanent host to China International Tourism Commodities Fair and the center for research and development of Chinese tourism commodities. It plays an active role in a new round of regional economic competitiveness, stimulating the research and development of Chinese tourism commodities, entering international market, promoting purchasing tour and accelerating the development of Chinese tourism commodities.

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