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Yiwu Hotels

Yiwu Hotels

Brief Introduction to Yiwu’s Star-Level Foreign-related Hotels In Yiwu, there are 650 hotels with 46,000 standard beds, including 6 hotels with over 4 stars and 25 foreign concerned hotels.

Best Western Premier Ocean Hotel Tel:86-579-85188888 ★★★★★

Yindu Hotel Tel:86-579-85558888 ★★★★

Xinlian Hotel Tel:86-579-85562888 ★★★★

Kaixin Hotel Tel:86-579-85566688 ★★★★

Yiwu Hotel Tel:86-579-85559999 ★★★★

Yiwu Kingdom Hotel Tel:86-579-85268888 ★★★★

Tianheng International Hotel Tel:86-579-8588888 ★★★★

Huafeng Hotel Tel:86-579-85526888 ★★★

Shangcheng Hotel Tel:86-579-85458888 ★★★

Suppma Hotel Tel:86-579-85459999 ★★★

Chengzhongcheng Hotel Tel:86-579-85328888 ★★★

Yinlong Hotel Tel:86-579-85565888 ★★★

Gongren Mansion Tel:86-579-85533388 ★★

Shangtu Hotel Tel:86-579-85456888 ★★★

Gongshang Hotel Tel:86-579-85319988 ★★

White Swan Hotel Tel:86-579-85538088 ★★

Huadu Grand Hotel Tel:86-579-85523358 ★★

Yongjin Hotel Tel:86-579-85566388 ★★

Wangjianglou Hotel Tel:86-579-85531301 ★★

Zhijiang Hotel Tel:86-579-85521688 ★★

International Business Club Tel:86-579-85428888 ★★

Huangjin Hotel Tel:86-579-85548588 ★★

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