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The 26th China Yiwu Fair (STANDARDS)

The 26th China Yiwu Fair is starting on 21 Oct. to 25 Oct. 2020. it’s amazing the 26th China Yiwu Fair open according to appointment of government ! Really, we all think this time Yiwu Fair catch all of the world’s attention!

There are 2160 booths which most of suppliers is real manufacturers come from all of China, and the products include Fashion jewelry, Hardware, Artware, Clothing Accessories and machines, electronic products, and other commodity consumption. We can find many foreigners who live in China come to visit Yiwu Fair this time, and they take part in this time Yiwu Fair and talk face to face to real manufacturers which from all of China. So this time Yiwu fair is inspirational for all of the world, we trust China government will continue to help China manufacturer develop world economic in the future. we know many countries people are still afraid novel coronavirus 2020, and there are many people lost life every day in other countries , but China governments control novel coronavirus very well,

In the 26th Yiwu Fair, Yiwu government provide more convenient services for all participators, if you want to go inside the 26th Yiwu Fair exhibition area, you only need to type-in your private information to computer, ID number and telephone, your name or company name, the sponsor will know all of your health information ,

Of course, all participators must take the mask and measure body temperature, the Yiwu Fair management system will check all of our information very fast. if all information is no problem, you can go inside directly and you willbe allowed to enter in exhibition area. it’s fast and very convenient.

And also China Yiwu government provide wide and convenient services for foreigner and buyer, this time Yiwu fair all visitors don’t need pay any cost and go inside, and more fast and convenient than before Yiwu fair, as we see many foreigners find the right products and real manufacturer from China. we trust the Yiwu Fair willbe more better in the future. we also believe Yiwu Fair will establish strong relations between China Suppliers and Foreigners in the future.

Warmly welcome you visit the 27th Yiwu Fair 2021 !

If you have any question or suggestion, please don’t hesitate to contact us. we will arrange One-Stop buying goods services in Yiwu fair and Yiwu international trade market ! thanks for your attention !

Today is 23. Oct. 2020. there are 2 days , the 26th China Yiwu Fair will close. if you have any question or if you want to get any information about The 26th China Yiwu Fair, or if you are interest in the 27th Yiwu Fair, please contact us . we will keep attention for our customers. Thanks for your attention !

2020.10.23th. updated by James

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