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Zhejiang Province

Zhejiang Province

Have you heard Zhejiang province? Zhejiang province is a province located in China’s southeast coast. it is the best economic city in China.

Zhejiang province is still relatively well-developed transportation,The end of 2007, Zhejiang province mileage of 99,812 km, highway density is 98 km / 100 square kilometers, accounting for more than two highway mileage of 14.5%. Which of highways reached 2763 km is ranked No. 6. Zhejiang is China’s big province of water transport, water transport within an integrated transport system occupies an extremely important position. In 2003, Zhejiang waterway freight 296 million tons, ranking first in the country. Currently the province a total of seven civil airports, domestic flights to cover the basic national, international flights mainly to Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the United States and Europe, is currently the major railway line. Zhejiang Province, Shanghai-Hangzhou railway there, Zhejiang-Jiangxi railway, Xiao Yong Railway, Jinhua-Wenzhou Railway, Xuan-Hang Railway, Jinqian railway and Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Railway,zhejinag, Hangzhou to Shanghai were quickly air-conditioning and motor car 130 times every day, passenger car is 15 times, the train from Zhejiang province, Hangzhou to China advanced live City guang dong province, 7 times a day, minimum hours is 19, up to 28 hours.

Zhejiang county economy developed, the per capital level is high, a large proportion of the number of hundred counties. In the eighth consecutive National County Economic hundred counties evaluation, each entering the county (city) numbers are up (tied for first with three sessions).in the Eighth competition, the Zhejiang part in the evaluation of the 58 counties (cities) have 26 city enter the National County Economic hundred counties (cities).

Yiwu city is in the zhejiang central, which is known as “the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market. “Yiwu Commodities Fair has become China’s third largest trading class after the show ,the canton Fair and China Fair.

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